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Swiss Krono and IDS Unveil Global One World and Curated UK Stock Collections for KBB Manufacturers

by Ryan Lees

We joined forces with our long-standing panel product specialist partner Swiss Krono at the recent KBB Birmingham event to unveil the newly updated global One World Collection of 170 decors, together with a collection that is fully stocked in the UK of 94 decors shaped around the needs of the UK furniture and interiors market.

Designers, fabricators, and manufacturers viewed the very latest designs, colour, and textures for laminates, melamine, and edge banding developed by Swiss Krono’s international design team in the expertly fitted-out Swiss Krono Show bus, which, after Kbb, will go on a nationwide tour.

Customers have the choice of over 170 genuine Swiss-made decors which are exclusively available by contacting our dedicated panel specialist team in Blackburn and Ely who serve the whole of the UK. The UK Stock Collection offers fast availability with 24–48-hour nationwide delivery for any of the 94 decors with no minimum order quantity.

UK Stock Collection

KBB was the launch platform for the newly revamped UK Stock Collection offering 94 decors in 18mm MFC, comprising 15 Fantasy designs, 49 plain colours including an aluminium metallic, and 30 woodgrains.

The UK Collection has been updated for 2024 with 26 new decors exclusively available through IDS straight from the flagship Swiss factory. Drawing on our expertise in panel distribution, we have selected a range that meets the commercial and design needs of UK kitchen, bedroom, and bathroom furniture manufacturers. All decors are available ex-stock in 2800 x 2070 x 18mm MFC. 15 decors also available in 25mm thickness.

The design-centred range features soft pastels, elegant woodgrains, and tactile surface textures, including CraftStyle (MW) and Touch One (TO), which provide a real matt wood feel structure and realistic tactile stone-concrete effect, respectively.

The range includes six new pastel colours in the Velour (VL) finish, in line with the growing trend of matte pastels. These are Sesame Beige, Aloe Green, Dive Blue, Canyon Red, Powder Rose, and Umbra. Sesame Beige, for example, offers a warm counterpoint to the prevalent use of grey in recent years. These muted pastel additions have been thoughtfully chosen to combine perfectly with natural-looking woods.

The Fantasy collection, known for its stone and material designs, includes the new Touch One (TO) finish. This enhancement aims to offer a broader selection of frontal options to KBB clients, providing more flexibility and choice in their design projects. Designs with the new TO texture include Papertex Light, Stonetex Beige, Stonetex Black, Quartzite Grey, Jute Grey, Millennium Concrete, and Rusty Red.

The debut of the new CraftStyle (MW) texture works in conjunction with the introduction of more natural-looking veneer-like woods. The 10 new woodgrain designs are Soul Wood Natural, Core Ash Natural, Cedar White, Soft Chestnut Natural, Cedar Natural, Floating Walnut, Frappe Oak, Eternal Oak, Grace Oak Gold, and Cedar Brown. These designs were selected as they aim to bring outdoor elements and natural aesthetics into living spaces, reflecting the trend for biophilic design.

Sustainable design

For decades, Swiss Krono has been committed to world-class sustainability.

Our UK Stock collection is FSC® and certified and ED2020 compliant. Melamine panels are certified with wood taken only from the local proximity to the factory to reduce carbon emissions and the company follows a committed reforestation policy.

The Swiss Krono plant is predominantly powered by biomass and solar energy.

At the end of their life, all Swiss Krono produced panels can be recycled into particle board production elsewhere or converted into biomass energy, creating a circular product lifecycle.

Agile delivery service

Recognising the importance of service and supply chain management to the KBB sector, we are promoting its flexible delivery service, tailored to the needs of the customer, which we continue to actively review and enhance in line with market demand.

Mike Davis, Panel Sales Director at IDS, says: "The Swiss Krono Showbus didn’t just bring a product to KBB Birmingham, it showcased a partnership that redefined convenience and excellence in the panel sector. It’s not just about design possibilities with the One World and UK Stock Collections, it's about delivering a comprehensive, curated experience for UK manufacturers in the kitchen, bedroom, and bathroom furniture sector. From agile delivery service to an expansive decor choice, this collaboration sets a new standard in the industry."

Global design influences

The dedicated UK offering has been curated to align with key global design themes identified by Swiss Krono, to ensure it remains on-point to meet the design needs of a broad customer base. Themes that influenced the collection include:

Playful Spaces: Here colour is integrated with natural or even recycled materials. The theme is reflected in the Canyon Red, Papertex Light (a recycled paper décor ideal for neutral cabinet internals), Cedar White, and Quartzite Grey decors.

Conscious Home: This design trend emphasizes environmental awareness and sees natural and sympathetic materials come to the fore. Colours like Sesame Beige, Powder Rose, and Terracotta Red have been chosen to blend with blonde woods like Core Ash Natural with the CraftStyle (MW) finish. Switzerland-specific Grace Oak Gold is also included due to its natural and somewhat rustic qualities, complementing the overall environmental theme of the design trend.

The Me Shed: This theme focuses on creating cozy hideaways with richer tones and more texture accents. The warm, classy Floating Walnut pairs well with pastel shades like Aloe Green, Dive Blue, and Umbra. Textured designs such as Stonetex Black, Jute Grey, and Rusty Red are also incorporated to add visual interest. In addition, the blonde wood Soul Wood Natural adds character.

Responsive Furniture: Here flexibility and adaptability for modern living spaces come to the fore. Dive Blue, Stonetex Beige, and Quartzite Grey offer a blend of pastel and muted stone finishes that can furnish rooms and adapt to different environments, whether it's a home office or a kitchen that seamlessly integrates with living areas.

Contact our dedicated panel specialist team for more information on the Swiss Krono One World collection at: [email protected] or order online today here