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Market Trends & Future Directions in Laminate Worktops

by Ryan Lees

We quizzed Jason Neve, our National Business Development Manager for worktops here at IDS, for his thoughts on the market trends & future direction in laminate worktops.

What sales increase have you seen in the markets?

As a distributor, we deal with a variety of customers including builders’ merchants, housebuilders, and independent retailers. Across the board, we’ve seen a flattening of demand over the last 12 months, which was to be expected given the challenges in the economy. However, laminate sales have been supported by consumers switching from composites to laminate, which delivers a strong combination of design and value.

Price, availability, and good service are crucial factors resonating with retailers because we are offering reliable, good old-fashioned service in a sector that has seen supply turbulence in the last 12 months.

IDS has been distributing worktops for 25 years this year, and in this time, laminate’s share of the worktop market has shrunk significantly. The explosion of affordably priced composite alternatives onto the market over the last 10 years has been a major factor in this reduction.

What have been the biggest developments and what are the stand-out trends?

22mm laminate worktops are consistently some of the top sellers. They are a crowd-pleaser offering a modern look with a flatter, squarer, and thinner edge than the usual 38mm, and they suit a range of kitchen styles.

Grey continues to be the colour of choice, from pared-back concrete to veined marbles, providing homeowners with timeless appeal. Woodgrains are resurging in popularity which goes hand in hand with the march of modern Shaker style kitchens.

What will be next in the development of these worktop sectors?

There is still huge growth potential for solid compact laminate worksurfaces. It’s a fantastic alternative material to its more expensive composite counterpart. I feel there is still a lack of understanding and appreciation with retailers and consumers about the merit of it. Lower price does not mean lower design. You can do everything with compact laminate that you can with composite, including undermount sinks and drainer grooves, but it’s a fraction of the price and is a self-fit product for retailers. In the current market, where the axis of good value, design, and quality are paramount for homeowners, this is the product to get on board with.

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