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COVID-19 Coronavirus - Open for Business

by Rebecca Line

25th March 2020



Dear Supplier / Customer,

Following the Prime Minister’s announcement on Monday evening (23 rd March), we took the decision to close all IDS branches and Head Office whilst we sought urgent clarification from the UK Government about how we could operate our business within the Government guidelines.

The Government have now confirmed that construction sites should remain open, as should supporting distribution businesses. We will therefore be re-opening all IDS branches, warehouses and offices with immediate effect from Wednesday 25 th March.

We have been asked why we are re-opening our business; quite simply, we want to play our part in helping the country to overcome this crisis and we are therefore committed to positive actions to support colleagues and customers in this collective effort.

Manufacturing has been specifically highlighted as a process that must continue, and as such suppliers to the construction industry are seen as an essential part of the supply chain. The products we supply help to support national infrastructure including schools, public transport, the NHS and the food industry, and have a vital role to play in supporting self-employed contractor’s livelihoods as well as those of our staff.

We understand that some of our customers are under real pressure, receiving urgent and vital orders destined for the NHS and care homes, and it is our duty and responsibility to ensure that you are able to receive our products to meet these requirements.

For those customers who were expecting deliveries yesterday (24th March) a member of the IDS team will contact you as soon as possible - if they haven’t already done so - to check if deliveries are still required.

Above all, the safety, wellbeing and health of our colleagues and customers has to come first. Therefore we are introducing further social distancing and hygiene measures widely across our business, constantly reviewing Government advice, and will be issuing regular updates as needed.

Thank you for your understanding and continued support during what is a difficult trading environment for us all. We apologise for any disruption you may have experienced, and wish for you to stay safe during this period.

Yours sincerely

John Bagshaw

Managing Director