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Kitchen Upstands

In the fitting of your kitchen, there are a variety of accessories that will create a finished look. One of these is a kitchen upstand that perfectly co-ordinates with your worktop.

IDS offer matching kitchen upstands to our ranges of worktop surfaces. We are the UK’s number 1 for worktops and pride ourselves in being able to cater for all your surface needs.

There are a number of ways that installing kitchen upstands could be beneficial to your kitchen scheme. Covering any gaps between the work surface and the wall is not only hygienic but allows for the natural contraction and expansion of the surface which is particularly true of solid wood worktops.

If worktops are fitted against uneven walls the upstand will smooth over the joint. We recommend upstands are glued to the wall with a suitable adhesive to allow the worktop to move underneath if needed.

Coordinating the kitchen upstand with the worktop creates a streamlined look merging the wall and the work surface. Upstands can be paired with tiles or splashbacks to give protection to kitchen walls.

Allowing a wipeable surface to surround food prep and washing areas in the kitchen makes for easy cleaning and keeps the walls free from grime and grease. Upstands are easy to install and can be cut to any size.

Solid wood upstands should be treated in the same way as solid wood worktops and laminate upstands can be finished with worktop edging strips if required. The all-important decision about which surfaces to use as worktops in your kitchen will be the guide on which upstands to select.

Different challenges require different solutions so whether you have chosen a solid surface, laminate, walnut, quartz or marble worktop we have an upstand to fit in with your design.