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Marine Interiors

For ship, yacht and boat interiors. It has to be IDS.

There’s a new wave of advanced materials for marine applications, designed for fitting out the interiors of all sorts of vessels, from commercial ships, cruisers and liners to yachts, sailing boats and barges – and they’re all here at IDS. We can help you create any traditional or contemporary look on board, with a range of specialist and compliant laminates to create furnishings and flat surfaces, along with other fittings such as walls and floors

Superb options for fitting out marine vessels

When you’re decking out a vessel there are strict regulations to adhere to, and IDS enable you to be compliant with products which are International Maritime Organisation (IMO) and Marine Equipment Directive (MED) compliant and approved for use in UK and international waters. Please feel free to ask, by email or phone, if you are uncertain which products are suitable – IDS are here to steer you in the right direction.

Laminates for flat surfaces and furnishings

For a classic wood effect throughout your vessel, Woodlam is an excellent choice. They’re the UK’s only manufacturer of ‘realwood’ laminates and offer an extensive range of commercial and exotic veneers, combining the natural beauty of wood with the durability and low maintenance of a high pressure laminates. Their products are supplied with melamine overlay with wood effect (or grey veneer) finishes - or unfinished, allowing you to stain the surface to match the vessel’s other woodwork. They come with FSC®/PEFC™ Certification and are IMO/MED approved. The Formica® Collection of laminate offers a vast selection of textures and designs, with strong plain colours, woodgrains, patterns and metallics and a range of engineered woods along with stained grey veneers, all FSC® certified as standard – and they can be supplied to IMO/MED specification to order.

Solutions for walls, ceilings and floors

IDS marine product ranges enable fitters to create bespoke and compliant furnishings for on board use – and we also stock a wide range of 100% waterproof wall and floor solutions for below deck areas. PVC panels such as Splashpanel and Proplas are are easy to fit, clean and maintain, ultra-hygienic, stain resistant, which makes them ideal for the walls and ceilings of the small bathrooms on board. In addition, Aqua-Step® is a 100% waterproof laminate flooring that’s ideal for this market and features R10 slip resistance, to help when you've returned from a quick dip in the sea! Similarly the Quick-Step Impressive (and Impressive Ultra) range of flooring is specifically designed for wetrooms and bathrooms - a much better choice than tiles for the marine vessel bathroom.

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