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What Types of Kitchen Worktops are there? Kitchen Worktops Guide

by Ryan Lees

When choosing Kitchen Worktop materials you need to make sure that you’ve made the right choice based upon your project’s needs. All Kitchen Worktops have a number of pros and cons. In this article we break down the different types of Kitchen Worktops to help you decide which one is the right one for you.

Granite Worktops Pros & Cons

Granite Worktops are the most common types of worktops. They can stand up to general wear and tear of daily life without loss of appearance. They can also resist scratching from your knives keeping countertops looking as good as new.

Granite Worktops are heat resistant so you can put that hot pan on the counter top without fear of it leaving a mark and damaging your worktop. As well as this, they are stain resistant too meaning you can simply wipe away any dirt that builds up and carry on with your day.

But what about the cost? Don’t worry about that either because Granite Worktops have become affordable in recent years and with our variety of brands including Bushboard, we offer Granite Worktops suitable for all budgets.

Solid Wood Worktops Pros & Cons

When choosing a Solid Wood Worktop, you want to make sure you’ve got a top quality product. One of the benefits of choosing a Solid Wood worktop is just how unique each piece can be. As wood patterns alternate per tree, the solid wood worktops also follow this pattern allowing your Solid Wood Worktop to be completely unique to you.

Solid Wood Worktops look great no matter the style of your kitchen. As they now come in a variety of colours, you can always guarantee that you will find a worktop to suit your interior design.

Also, as wood ages, the colour deepens so you may well gain a whole new look and feel to your kitchen over the years. It’s also very flexible so any chips or dents can be easily fixed.

PRO TIP: It’s important to oil your worktop every 6 months to keep it looking healthy.

100% of our wood based products are EUTR compliant meaning when you buy from IDS you are buying from a legal, ethical and sustainable company. This is just one of the actions we are taking to becoming more eco friendly.

Sadly, Solid Wood Worktops are not completely resistant to scorch marks unlike other Worktop alternatives so be careful when putting down hot implements on to your surface. However, these can be easily removed with some sanding and oiling.

There are a variety of Solid Wood Worktops available from the Basix range to the Tuscan range. Both ranges offer a top quality product which will stand the test of time if well maintained.

Laminate Worktops Pros & Cons

Looking for a cheaper but just as durable option? Laminate is considered the budget worktop but still offers the same quality of a Granite Worktop at a fraction of the cost.

Laminate is extremely durable, perfect for those who use their kitchen on a daily basis. It’s highly resistant to scratches, cracks and stains and if needed it can be replaced cheaply. It’s also incredibly hygienic due to its plastic laminate coating which allows for a full seal. This means that laminate worktops won’t harbour germs and you can clean them very easily.

As laminate is man-made, it allows for a wide choice of colours to match your kitchen requirements. Laminate comes in two types of finishes, you can choose from a classic standard finish which requires little maintenance or a gloss finish which needs to be treated a little more carefully but offers a light-enhancing appearance.

One of the best things about Laminate Worktops is how low maintenance they are. Want to keep it clean? Simply use a kitchen cleaner and wipe and your away. Unlike its counterparts which require a bit more looking after, laminate requires very little maintenance.

The Laminate range is considered a budget option but still offers a top quality product. Whether you're looking for Bushboard or Oasis, there’s a pattern and price to suit all tastes.

Here at IDS, we sell a range of worktops and kitchen upstands to suit all your needs and tastes. So whether you are looking for Laminate, Wood or a Granite worktop, we offer a wide selection.

Not sure what you want? Get in touch with one of our friendly advisors who will guide you through your decision.


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