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What is LVT?

by Ryan Lees

What is Luxury Vinyl Tile (LVT) Flooring?

What Does LVT Stand For?

In the flooring and surfaces industry, LVT refers to ‘Luxury Vinyl Tiling’.

Luxury Vinyl products come in a range of styles such as Tiles, Planks, Herringbone and more. LVT replicates the beauty of traditional tiled flooring whereas Luxury Vinyl Planks tend to be offered in natural wood grain colours to imitate wooden plank flooring.

What Is LVT?

Luxury Vinyl Tiling (LVT) is a flooring option which replicates the look of wood and stone but comes with a whole host of advantages that the latter simply does not provide.

LVT is made up of a number of layers that each have an individual role in producing this outstanding product.

These often include but are not limited to a: UV Coating Layer, Wear Layer, Decor Paper, PVC Base/backing, Underlay Layer and more.

Whilst all brands of LVT are crafted in a slightly different manner, the vast majority use the multi-layer approach.

In these cases, the top layer is a transparent, protective coating to significantly reduce scratches and marks, the back layer is usually a moisture resistant layer to prevent the tiles from disfiguring and sandwiched in between these are the design layer which has the chosen style printed on it and several other supporting layers with a multitude of benefits.

Is LVT For Domestic Or Commercial Use?

LVT is a high performance surface that’s perfect for both commercial and domestic applications.

Stick down LVT is Ideal for areas with high footfall, it thrives in offices, restaurants, schools, shops and any other commercial area due to its hard wearing, durable properties.

It’s also a great choice for any home in the house due to being water, slip, heat and sound resistant. Whether it’s living areas, the kitchen, bathroom, conservatory or even on the stairs, Luxury Vinyl Tiling is an ideal selection. Plus, with stick down or floating installation options available also, LVT is a versatile option for most areas of the home.

What Are The Benefits Of Vinyl Flooring?

There are a number of misconceptions with LVT that simply aren’t true, especially with the more popular brands. For example, it’s suggested that there is a high risk of walk-off (the design of the tiles getting rubbed off) when the tiles are walked on over a long time. This isn’t the case. Contrary to accusations, it’s actually very cheap to maintain and doesn’t require as much maintenance as is sometimes suggested.

More LVT benefits include:

● Price

● Durability

● Versatility

● Warmth

● Insulates Sound

● Maintenance

● Easy installed

● Easily replaced

● No harmful chemicals

How Durable Is LVT Flooring?

LVT is incredibly durable and practical when compared to other surfaces. The layered effect means that the tiles very rarely get warped by water damage, scuffed by heavy footfall or chip, scratch or crack in the manner that traditional flooring naturally does.

It’s also waterproof making cleaning incredibly easy as you simply wipe off any dirt using a damp cloth or sponge.

Is Luxury Vinyl Tiling Easy To Install?

There are two different types of LVT flooring on market currently and each requires two different forms of installation.

Click LVT is super-simple to install and can even be done as part of a DIY project! With Click LVT you simply slide the tiles together and (as the name suggests) click them into place forming a strong holding flooring that’s durable and looks great. You get all of the aesthetics, feel and benefits of an LVT with the fitting ease of a laminate floor.

That being said, Stickdown is still the most popular form of installation by professionals and (again as the name suggests), involves sticking down the tiles using glue. There are additional pre-installation preparations to consider however, such as ensuring that your subfloor is as flat as possible.

Do I Need An Underlayment For Vinyl Flooring?

Yes, on most standard LVT click products in the market, underlay is required. However our Malmo LVT (Rigid) has a 1mm underlay already attached saving you time and money by not having to install it separately.

Does Underfloor Heating Work With LVT?

Whether or not you can safely have LVT flooring over your underfloor heating varies widely from brand to brand and situation to situation.

For example, with our Malmo LVT we have specific guidelines to follow to ensure your floor performs to the best possible level to suit your individual requirements.

How Much Does Luxury Vinyl Tile Cost And Where Can I Buy LVT?

Prices for LVT flooring will of course range dependent on the company you choose to buy from and the type of job you require but you can expect to pay around £20-40m2 (without fitting).

Our Malmo LVT flooring is incredible value. Take a look at our range of colours and designs and contact us for a price today. We stock a wide range of decorative surfaces including, but not limited to, LVT.

How Does LVT Compare To Other Flooring Options?

Still unsure as to whether LVT is the right option for your home or commercial property? Wondering whether vinyl or laminate is better? What about hardwood and stone? Well check out our infographic below where we have listed the pros and cons of each surface.

We’ve compared the properties and qualities of each flooring solution so you don’t have to:


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