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How to make the perfect brew!

by Ben Edwards
How to make the perfect brew

How to make the perfect brew!

Here at IDS, we know that the kitchen is the heart of the home. It’s where we prepare food, spend time with our families, eat our meals, and vitally, it’s where we make that all important cup of tea or coffee in the morning (and at lots of other times of the day too)!

How do you actually make the perfect brew? We think we’ve got it sussed.

1. Pop your tea bag, or coffee granules into your mug/cup

2. Use your Bollente Hot Tap from IDS, to fill your mug/cup with hot water at the *perfect temperature…

- For tea, leave your tea bag for 4-5 minutes to allow the tea to infuse with the water

- For coffee, a good stir should do the trick

3. Add your milk/sugar/cream as desired

4. Voila!

*what constitutes the perfect temperature? Well, we did lots of tests, and found that using freshly boiled water adds a bitter taste to tea (our research discovered that it actually scalds the tea leaves). So, this means that you would need to stop your kettle before it reaches boiling point every single time to get the perfect temperature! Alternatively, invest in a Bollente Hot Tap from IDS and get water at the perfect temperature, every time.

Bollente boiling water taps from Tuscan, combine convenience and style, delivering perfect temperature water in an instant. High on looks and low on maintenance, Bollente taps withstand daily wear and tear, and are super easy to clean. With us, you have a choice of models and finishes, from Graphite, to Rose Gold, you can choose a style that suits you and your home.

Features and benefits:

- Suitable for use with any worktop, including laminate

- Tap, tank and filter all included in one box

- Non-pressurised system, meaning no spitting and spluttering

- An inbuilt safety mechanism ensures boiling water is not accidentally dispensed

- Suitable for DIY installation, or professional service available on request

- 2 year guarantee covers parts and labour, subject to a filter change every 6 months

So, when you’ve finally made your first ‘Perfect Brew’, relax and think of us for all your decorative surfacing needs.


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