Swiss Krono’s Compact Density Fibreboard offers a wealth of design possibilities

Swiss Krono’s Compact Density Fibreboard (CDF)is an advanced surfacing material that opens up a world of design possibilitiesandoffers benefits over compact grade laminate. Available in over 250 décors, thematerial boasts a superior machining capability allowing it to be laser cutinto intricate feature panels or routered to include text or logos with aprecision finish, as well as on a wide range of furniture manufacturing,shopfitting and interior design uses.


Thecombination of easy machining, reduced finishing and high performance give this material exceptional design and costbenefits for manufacturers and designers across the hospitality, retail,commercial, domestic, education and public sectors.


CDF is a hybrid panel and performs likecompact grade laminate, yet is 30% cheaper and35% lighter in weight andtherefore easier to handle, machine and install.


CDF is fire retardant, impact, scratch andmoisture resistant and is very easy to clean and maintain. It is PEFC and FSCcertified and recyclable.


Panels are available in a sheet size of 2800 x2070mm, in a 12.8mm thickness. Customers have a choice of 17 décors in plaincolours and woodgrains ex-stock for delivery in 48 hours. They can also accessthe full choice of 253 décors with a minimum order quantity of 20 panels towiden the design scope.


The CDF range is available from all 13 ofIDS’s branches nationwide. For more information, please contact IDS on: 08457298 298, e: or