An ideal solution for customers that want to take thehassle out of wall tiling


Think ofbathroom wall coverings and many people will still think of ceramic tiles.Design-wise there is plenty of choice available to reflect the latest trends ininteriors for tactile materials, organic colours and natural stones. Size-wise,preferences are moving towards large format tiles for the creation of amore expansive and seamless surface that’s easier for the consumer to clean andmaintain.


To appeal tocustomers who track these trends and like the look of large format tiles, ahassle-free alternative is PVC wall panelling. Using PVC panels avoids the messassociated with tiling and as printing techniques becomemore and more advanced, they will soon mirror the look of real stone, marbleand granite with textures to match.


PVC panelsare quick and easy to install in hours rather than days. They are lowmaintenance as there are no grout lines to scrub at, and they have theadvantage of being warmer than tiles with insulation and soundproofing benefitstoo.


PVC wall panellinghas really gained ground as a credible alternative to tiles. This is as muchdue to the allure of easy installation and low maintenance as it is to theaesthetics they can bestow on a project.